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Health & Safety

At FSB the Health and Safety of each individual in the premises of the School is a priority. The College has a designated Health and Safety Officer, a Safety Officer Assistant and several qualified First Aiders.

These staff members are here to ensure that all members of our School and visitors are in a safe and secure environment. Names and contact details of these staff are available at Reception.

Whilst students are studying at FSB, there may come a time when they will have to deal with some sort of Health and Safety incident.

Everyone at FSB is responsible for their own Health and Safety. Students should understand their role and any action required to ensure compliance with FSB’s Health & Safety policy.

Fire Drill

The most common incident that you will encounter is a practice Fire Drill. This event happens once per term and can be planned or spontaneous.

It is very important during a fire evacuation that you make yourself accounted for if you have safely evacuated the building; otherwise it causes delays and can cause danger to other people such as the fire brigade and persons that are really stuck in the building during a fire.

Reporting and Investigation of Accidents

All accidents must be reported on a School Accident Report Form available at the Reception desk. The injured/affected person must complete and sign Part One of the accident form. The injured and affected person will be assisted by a Health & Safety Member of FSB.

If you see any suspicious packages please inform security.

Student Responsibilities

Students have the following personal responsibilities:

  • to take reasonable care of your own health and safety.

  • to take reasonable care not to put other people - fellow students, staff and members of the public - at risk by what you do or don't do in the course of your study.

  • to co-operate with the administration staff, making sure you understand and follow FSB's health and safety policies.

  • not to interfere with or misuse anything that's been provided for your health, safety or welfare.

  • to report any injuries, strains or illnesses you suffer while on FSB’s premises.

  • to tell your Health & Safety Officer if something happens that might affect your ability to study (e.g. suffering an injury).

What To Do if You Are Ill

If a student falls ill whilst at FSB they are required to tell a lecturer or the reception staff, who will call someone trained in First Aid.


Students studying for more than six months should register with a National Health Service practitioner (GP) in the area in which they are currently living.


For further information, a full copy of FSB’s Health & Safety Policy is available in the library.

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