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Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure

Academic Freedom Policy

Anti Bribery Policy

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Admissions Policy, Procedure And Regulations

Application for Appeal Form

Connect User Guide

Assessments Regulations And Procedures

Assesment Board Policy and Procedure

Assessment Malpractice Policy

Committee Guidebook

Connect User Guide

Copyright Policy

Employee Data Protection & Records Management Policy

Employee Recruitment Policy

Data Protection Policy(STUDENTS)

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Equality And Diversity Policy

Exclusions Policy

External Speaker Booking Form

External Speakers and Events Policy

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

HR Record Keeping Policy 

Internal Verification Policy

Library Policy

Mitigating Circumstances Policy

Module Monitoring and Review Procedure

Outside visit Policy

Peer Review Process

Standards For CCTV Operation At FSB Policy

Development And Update Policy And Procedures

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Procurement Policy and Procedure

Programme Evaluation and Monitoring Policy and Procedure

Programme Specification Guidelines

Public Information Policy and Approval Procedure

Quality Handbook

Radicalisation and Extremism Risk Assessment Form - Staff

Radicalisation and Extremism Risk Assessment Form - Student

Registration and Certification Procedure

Regulations For The Use Of IT Facilites

Risk Assessment

Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons Policy

Screening for Accreditation of Prior Experience (SAPE) Policy

Security Policy

Staff Appraisal Policy

Staff Development Policy

Student Attendance Policy And Procedure

Student Complaint Form

Student Code Of Conduct And Disciplinary Procedures

Student Complaints Procedure

Student Engagement Policy

Student Enrolment Terms And Conditions

Student Newsletter Guidelines

Student Suppport And Disability Policy

Student Union Constitution

Teaching and Learning Handbook

Tuition Fee And Refund Policy

Web Privacy Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Withdrawals Intermissions And Resumption Of Study Policy

Code of Conduct

Data Protection

Governance September 2016

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